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Discreet Minima floor box

Deliver Your Artistic Vision While Providing Practicality

Floor boxes are seen as a necessity for interior design and renovation projects with a luxury minimalist décor.

Stainless steel floor box
bespoke floor box
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Stylish floor socket box

The Minima is a discreet and stylish floor box, favoured by designers for high-end architecture projects.

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Largely used in luxury homes and monuments, this is the perfect floor box for a clean, open space with minimalist décor.

Discreet power outlets in the centre of a large space gives you the freedom to design and provide practicality that doesn't compromise the aesthetics of the room.

Min-MS8-br-tr-sat-BRONZE sm.jpg

If you're looking for a Minima floor box, feel free to call an expert for a quote today - 02086831126

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Preferred by project planners in the commercial sector, the 700 range is frequently used as a multi-outlet in hardwood floored offices or on the shop floor of a luxury retail store.

The 700 series presents a combination of style and function, a floor box that is generally inconspicuous yet easy to find if necessary.




Minima floor box. brass. recessed.

A best seller for luxury homes -  high-end commercial workspace - historical monuments - luxury retail




We use the Finer Details of Your Project 

to Deliver the Perfect Engineering Solution

Floor box lids arranged pleasing visuals.

Our Production Team are experts at combining prolific engineering with high-end craftsmanship.

We understand that your priority is providing the right power outlets that fulfil the electrical needs of your clients. Our collaborative approach and creative consultants make your job as accurate and as straightforward as possible.

700 series floor box. brass. discreet recessed.

A best seller for schools - museums - multi-story offices - car showrooms - restaurants - high street stores

Item Codes

You can learn about a particular item based on the product code.

For example SBOX-728-ST-TR informs you that the floor box is from the 700 series, 2 compartments, 85mm deep, stainless steel finish and trimless.

Cableduct item codes.

The same box as a Minima would be MIN-M28-ST-TR-SAT; the SAT stands for satin polish.

Alternatively, MIN-M36-ST-FL-MIR would tell you that the box is from the Minima range, 3 compartments, 65mm deep, stainless steel, with a trim flange and in a mirror polish.

Cableduct Minima outlet codes.

Click here for a comprehensive list of standard sizes, dimensions and associated product codes.

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