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Minima, the most discreet floor box on the market.

The Minima Range

Bespoke. Discreet. Practical.

The purpose of a floor box is to provide power and data, from anywhere in the room, in a safe and practical manner.

The Minima does so in the most discreet and stylish way.



Perfect for Perfectionists

A near-invisible floor box, tailor engineered to be technically superb and visually stunning, the Minima is a product of the finest quality.


This is your bespoke choice for projects that prioritise interior décor.


Bespoke floor box in a satin stainless steel finish. Recessed into tiled flooring.

Click here for a detailed interactive chooser for the Minima Range 

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Engineered to Redefine Quality

The sprung closed outlet flaps are hand-assembled and delicately polished to a satin or mirrored finish; the robust metals of the base box, adjustable inner frame and recessed lid provide durability and structural integrity.

Squared Minima range brass floor box.
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