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Why Our Minima Range is an Architect’s Favourite Floor Box

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

How can such a functional item be favoured by professionals prioritising mood and beauty on a project? You make the functional item as discreet and beautiful as possible, without compromising on structural integrity. When it comes to floor sockets, like many products, a way to guarantee quality is to avoid mass production, and instead opt for handmade items. This bespoke approach to floor boxes provides you with all the functional benefits, along with a delicate approach to the visual requirements of your service box.

A Floor Box That’s as Visible as You Need it to be

A power distributor away from a wall, under a desk or accessible to staff is fast becoming a necessity rather than a simple style choice. A hole in the floor that provides power from the centre to the rest of the room can be unsightly or conspicuous, despite its necessity. For this reason, Cableduct developed their new product range, the Minima, to meet the changing needs of customers. Clients are increasingly searching for near-invisible floor boxes with all the sockets, USB and data requirements one would find in a sizeable model.

Like a chameleon, a floor socket box should only be visible to those who already know it’s there (or those searching hard enough for it). Cableduct understand that style and discretion are as essential to a floor box as socket plates, plug top space and durability.

How Stylish Can a Floor Box Be?

With over a dozen options to choose from, Cableduct offer creative architects an endless list of style choices for your floor box. Whether you’re looking for thick, mirrored frames, a satin finish, antique bronze or a retro fit into a finished floor, your customizable Minima service box options are limited only by your imagination.

To make your life easier when considering the various aspects of your floor socket box, Cableduct have developed an interactive online chooser; complete with codes and images that help you picture your final order. This has proven to be an invaluable tool for perfectionists, project managers and anyone working to tight deadlines. Simplifying the order process with our interactive online chooser has also proven to be a popular tool for architects who need a visual image, or a painless way of selecting the perfect floor box for a project.

The Cableduct Minima is Synonymous with Tangible Quality

Hand polished and built on site, the Minima is the only box on the market with sprung closed solid cast outlet flaps. Cableduct‘s Minima range is developed to suit the dimensions and finish of your floor. Building a floor box to suit your needs is the only way to perfectly satisfy all of your individual project requirements.

If you’re looking for a customisable, perfectly discrete, high end floor socket box, visit to design your perfect product.

Alternatively, chat to one of our consultants on 02086831126 or email

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