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Find the perfect style and size floor box to suit your current project.

Domestic/ Residential

Chelsea Barracks

recessed floor box. Bespoke, trimless and discreet in parquet floor. includes floor sockets

Commercial/ Office fit out

Thomas Moore Square

Thomas Moore Square. Google images.JPG
Circular stainless steel floor box. Minima. Single discreet socket. Sprung closed cable outlet

Luxury Retail

Burberry, Knightsbridge

Installed floor box in stone floor. Flat lid, bespoke design. High quality service box and floor plug


Highgate School

Highgate School.JPG
satin polished Minima floor box. Installed in tiles with a jordon bronzed finish

Leisure/Public Space

National Gallery, Tafalgar Sqr

museum free.JPG
500 series floor box. Basic floor box in tile. Office fit out. Refurbishment. Renovated floor.




Discreet Minima floor box. Bespoke and tailor engineered for floor boards. Brass finsh. Discreet floor sockets

A best seller for luxury homes -  high-end commercial workspace - historical monuments - luxury retail




700 series floor box. High quality and bespoke, tailored floor sockets, available in brushed brass and recessed for floor design.

A best seller for schools - museums - multi-story offices - car showrooms - restaurants - high street stores

min-m48-br-tr-sat inst sm.jpg



Floor boxes have evolved to no longer rely on the sweeping ‘one size fits all’ approach; engineering and technological innovation have evolved the floor box from a clunky and conspicuous eyesore into a robust, extremely discreet necessity.

As consultants and manufacturers of high-end cable management systems, we are always prepared to provide you with the perfect solution for your large-scale projects.

Step 1

Cut a hole into the sub floor to dimensions of base box referenced on datasheet – (Be mindful to check if base box is standard fit or retro fit)

Step 2

Fix and secure base box into sub floor either via the fixing flanges provided or site fixing via the base.

Ensure base is sturdy and suitably installed to accept load bearing weight (Be sure to use suitable fixings suitable to your sub floor)

Step 3

Attach appropriate cable feed to base box (conduit/trunking)


Step 4

Using a screwdriver, turn the adjustable screws fitted to the inner frame to move the frame up/down to suit level with top of sub floor


Step 5

Screw the top frame and lid to the top of inner frame


Step 6

Install floor covering in the recessed lid (flat lid option available), considering room for suitable amount of adhesive, ensuring floor finish is firming affixed inside the lid recess.

[Note: leave a small gap of 0.5mm around the frame)


Step 7

Using the screwdriver again, adjust the inner frame up/down as appropriate to ensure lid trim sits flush with the floor.

What is your floor build up?

In order to provide the perfect solution you need to know the the build-up of the floor into which the floor boxes are being installed.

Remember to consider 5mm metal thickness when measuring the overall depth of the floor and the height of the floor box from top to bottom.

The floor boxes you're looking at bespoke and tailored to be discreet; your main challenge is finding the appropriate space within your floor and making certain the floor box will do what you need it to.

Thankfully, all recessed Cableduct floor boxes are made to match your floor finish. All you need to communicate is the amount sub floor space you have and the depth of the exact depth of the lid recess you will need. 

conc hand.JPG

A concrete adhesion ‘handle’ connects to the lid so the pour material can bond and cure around the ‘handle’. This prevents the floor finish from falling out once it has been installed and has hardened.

7ro discreet.JPG

The power outlets need to be robust and reliable. The floor sockets need to be safe, the architect needs to love the way they look and the users need to be happy that all their electrical needs are met. Easily done.

Domestic properties can also benefit from the added health and safety that floor boxes can bring to your home. The absence of trailing cables and jumbled wires is an infallible way of removing trip hazards from the home.

A recessed floor box is a great interior design solution for homes that prioritise child safety and clean, neat aesthetics.

What is the final floor finish?

In order to make the floor box “invisible”, your final floor finish will go into the lid. The size or thickness of the carpet/ flooring will determine the depth of your lid recess, providing you with a floor box that is completely flush and even with the floor.

Remember to consider space for adhesive and (where applicable) the compressed depth of your carpet.

716-bankside-oversize base box-wood copy

If your final floor is being laid imminently, you can still have a perfectly discreet floor box. We've developed a retro fit floor box that's designed to be installed into a finished floor. 

It's never too late to make it happen.

Standard and retro assembly.png

Item Codes

conc hand.JPG

You can learn about a particular item based on the product code.

For example SBOX-728-ST-TR informs you that the floor box is from the 700 series, 2 compartments, 85mm deep, stainless steel finish and trimless.

Cableduct item codes.
Cableduct Minima outlet codes.

The same box as a Minima would be MIN-M28-ST-TR-SAT; the SAT stands for satin polish.

Alternatively, MIN-M36-ST-FL-MIR would tell you that the box is from the Minima range, 3 compartments, 65mm deep, stainless steel, with a trim flange and in a mirror polish.

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