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We Make the Floor Boxes that You Design

Bespoke, discreet, recessed floor box. Brass Cableduct to suit floor design.

The type of floor box we make for you relies on two key elements; what you need it to do and what you want it to look like.


Unlike the general, generic “one size fits all” approach to providing floor boxes, Cableduct take into consideration the sector, project details and customer’s design choice.

Limited only by your imagination

Our production of bespoke floor boxes began with Burberry. Together we designed and created these beautifully tailor-made floor boxes for their stores worldwide.

High-end floor box in Burberry London
Satin Brass Antique Bronzed Minima Range hard wood sockets
Carpet floor socket outlet
Floor box in stone. bespoke design. Floor sockets in brass.

A Floor Box for Designers

Our bespoke floor box solutions are based on your electrical needs and artistic vision. We employ the latest engineering software for mathematical precision, along with a skilled assembly team to actualize your intricate designs.

Tailored floor box. Stainless steel, recessed Cableduct service box.
Round floor box. Circular, discreet service box. Extra strength stainless steel.
Mousehole cable open floor box. Flat lid. Round, discreet outlet plug.
Parallelogram floor box. Recessed, bespoke service box. Discreet floor plug sockets
170112 Offsite Prototype 385.JPG

So what goes into making a bespoke floor box?

Punching floor boxes from a metal sheet in stainless steel.

Technological Precision


Using a machine to fold floor box inner frames.

Machine Folded


Precise welding of floor box corners and lid attachment.

Professional Welding


Hand crafted floor box finishes for electrical outlets.

Personal Finishing

Providing bespoke solutions for the interior and exterior of your floor box is a consultative process. We’re with you every step of the way.


Factory warehouse packing floor sockets

Delicate Packing

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