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Customisable, Powerful, Elegant

A simple solution to the impracticalities of hovering near a wall to charge your phone or dragging extension leads around, the floor box is fast becoming a common household item.

Brass Minima floor box being installed into parquet flooring.

'The Uk's Residential Floor Box'

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Our feud against trailing leads, extension cables and jumbled wires

goodbye trailing cables.png

In 2020, ROSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) reported that slips, trips and falls were the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace, and accounted for more than 20% of all disabling injuries.

As trailing cables are becoming the new norm, an efficient and discreet cable management system is necessary for adapting to the changing dynamics of UK households.


We're already experiencing a surge in domestic demand due to child safety benefits of floor boxes and shall continue our quest to make homes safer.

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Designed to be Unnoticable

FB1 installed - 2.JPG

Architects and designers use Cableduct thanks to our elegant blend of design & engineering. 

See below a list style of options for your domestic floor box:

Material finishes

Minima range floor box in a tiled floor; this floor box is discreet; with tailor engineered floor plugs
Trimless, recessed floor box in a brushed brass finish. Also available in stainless steel


Round floor box in a brass or stainless finish for Nike interior design project.
Long floor box. Bespoke to suit finished floor and with a clean outlet flap.


Parallelogram, recessed floor box

Call us to discuss bespoke options 02086831126 

Floor box interior

Two compartments with double sockets in a designer floor. The 700 series floor box floor box for refurbishment projects.
hidden floor socket

Bespoke outlet plates

A recessed floor box is a great interior design solution for homes that prioritise child safety and clean, neat aesthetics.

Three compartment Cableduct floor box with two double switched sockets.
If you don’t know or are unsure of the answers to the above questions, our team of consultants are trained to listen, advise and offer realistic solutions for your home project.
The path to perfection is through detail and simplicity.
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Dark finish on a high end interior floor box
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