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Simplicity at its Finest

Further down you’ll find simple solutions to frequently stated issues, such as time constraints and how to install into a finished floor.

You’ll find IKEA style instructions for the easiest installation of any high-end, recessed floor boxes.


If you've been asked for our floor boxes and require more product information or need a quote, please call 02086831126 

We're here to help.



We can send base boxes and outlets within a matter of days.

Delivering the first fixed items to you sooner allows you to install and wire the floor sockets early on; this gives you more time to invest in other areas of the project before the lids arrive.

You fix your base to the sub floor and when laying the final floor finish, the inner frame acts as template for your lid; this allows you to lay your floor quickly and still have the pleasure of using a discreet Cableduct floor box.

Is your final floor being laid imminently?

Min 1 st.JPG

Retro Fit Floor Boxes

Retro fit Minima floor box without fixing flange or trim
700 round box retro stainless steel.jpg

If your finished floor is already laid, you may need a retro fit floor box.


Rather than securing the base box to your sub floor, you would make a hole in your finished floor and slide the entire floor box into the vacant space.

Black Circle with Utensils Restaurant Lo
Standard and retro assembly.png

Installation Process

716-bankside-oversize base box-wood copy
Cableduct floor box installation guide
FB5- stone install 3.JPG
 floor box installation guide
Cableduct recessed floor box installation
Hermes mosaic lid only.jpg
Hermes mosaic.jpg

Floor box installation guide

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