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Standard & Personalised 


When dealing with such bespoke products, the design and engineering details must be precise to the very millimetre. 

That's why we offer personalised text subs for both standard and non-standard floor boxes.


Where precision leads to perfection, our technical engineers are prepared to send you detailed tech-subs and drawings. Presenting your clients with technically exact information removes any leeway for assumption and possible cock-ups for your project. 

Drawing of a round Minima range floor box interior.

Share your perfectionism with the architects, clients, contractors, and any other decision makers.

Our standard floor box sizes and outlet plates are designed to be both discreet and powerful.

However non-standard designs and interiors may be more appropriate for what you're trying to achieve. 

Drawing of the interior and lid of a Minima range floor box with dimensions.

If you need written descriptions or drawings of bespoke floor boxes to be approved, call one of our consultants on 02086831126 

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