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The 2000 Series Floor Box

Make Light Work from Shallow Flooring

The shallow lid recess makes this the perfect for floor box for projects with a thin carpet.


Available in a 55mm deep base box, with a sprung-closed lid, the 2000 is perfect for shallow floor installation.

These boxes are also manufactured to be trunking fed as well as conduit, making them an easy choice for larger construction projects.

Lots of Power in a Little Space

A single floor box, at 307mm x 244mm, is barely the size of an A4 sheet of paper and can contain up to 12 sockets across 4 compartments.


This makes the 2000 series the perfect floor box for powering several desks a time; this solution is an efficient way of providing power across dozens of desks in a large workspace.  


The 500 Series

When practicality takes precedence over aesthetics, the 500 series floor box will effectively provide all the power and data you need.


Mainly deployed for for vinyl use.

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