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Elegant, Practical, 


Discover inspirational design choices

Contemporary            VS                Classic 

Click the Minima image for a clean, refined design with a myriad choice of finishes and sprung closed outlets. 

Click the 700 series for a distinguished, heritage design with a retro style cable opening.


Customisable traits

Material finishes

Minima Range floor box in a tiled floor discreet floor plugs
28 Fitzroy square POD.JPG
Dark trimless box in hardwood floor


Long floor box. Bespoke to suit finished floor and with a clean outlet flap.
Round floor box in a stainless steel or brass or stainless finish for Nike interior design project.



Call us to discuss bespoke options 02086831126 

Trimless or with a trim flange?

Service box with invisible lid and bespoke cable outles outlets.
Cableduct recessed floor box in a discreet range


Ranging from a single socket in 150mm squared to 4 compartments, 407mm x 250mm, containing up to 12 sockets.

3 comp floor box with sockets and data
500 Series basic service box for offices

Bespoke outlet plates

Lid recess

All our recessed floor boxes are custom made to suit your floor finish

Discreet floor box for office refurbishment


Minima Range floor box in tiles

Tile & stone

700 BR floor box.JPG

Timber floor

Base box depth

We have a range of depths to suit your sub floor

Circular floor box and a flush cable outlet flap in a discreet finish.
Height adjustable inner from in a single compartment base box.

Flat lid

For a unique style with a metalic design

Bespoke floor box for hidden sockets
Flat lid floor box in an antique bronzed finish
Round flat lid cover for plugs

Discreet Means Discreet

Not only discreet in design, these floor boxes are smaller than a smart phone, yet powerful enough to charge two at a time.

Round, brass floor box lid next a standard mobile phone.
Smaller brushed stainless steel outlet flap square floor box.
Single compartment stainless steel floor box.

MIN-RS-BR-TR (127mm diam)


SBOX-7RS (150mm x 150mm)

SBOX-71 (250mm x 148mm)

Design and AV Specialists

Lighting Specialists

recessed floor box for lighting specialist

Standing lamps and desk lamps are currently seen as an interior designer’s secret weapon when lighting open spaces such as restaurants and hotel lobbies.


Achieving the three main kinds of lighting (ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting) requires the freedom to put your floor lamps and standing lamps wherever you need them to be.


Accompanying your standing lights with a floor box provides design practicality, facilitates installation and reduces cable visibility by bringing the power to the appliances.

Floor Designers

floor design. Great for bespoke floor box designs

Our floor boxes are only as beautiful as the floors that they are going into.


You can give your customers the gift of beautifully creative designs,  with the added practicality of discreet, bespoke floor boxes.


Because we produce floor boxes that are tailored to your floor, you can tell us the exact design and measurements of your ideal socket box and Cableduct will make to accommodate.

AV Specialists

AV specialist. Discreet floor boxes are great for AV specialist

Your job is to bring sound and images to life. Our job is to make yours as easy and achievable as possible.

A Cableduct floor box is a handy solution for servicing offices and meeting rooms, especially when you consider video and conference calls will become more frequent than face to face meetings.

They’re also perfect for powering free standing digital screens  in public spaces and a great solution for surround sound and home entertainment.

For bespoke sizes and shapes that are tailored to your individual project, feel free to click here to request a consultation.

Small, round floor box with a bespoke lid in a stone floor.
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