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Architecture and engineering centered floor boxes for installation.

M & E Consultants

Providing Practical Solutions for Creative Ideas

Through listening and clear communication, our goal is to take the floor box your client wants and work with you to produce the floor box that you need. 

Unlike other providers using the “one size fits all” approach, we collaborate and take into account the specifics of your individual project details, working together to provide you with the perfect floor box.


Wiring and plug top space

FB5- stone install 3.JPG

Shallow underfloor depth


Challenging time constraints


Poured floor finishes


Varying floor thicknesses


Standard & Personalised tech subs

Black Circle with Utensils Restaurant Lo

Let us know your project requirements and what your floor box needs to do. Together we'll make it happen.

Join a Supportive Ecosystem

Multiple compartments in an open floor box.
Recessed, discreet floor box.
stainless steel 3 comparment floor socket box

The power outlets need to be robust and reliable. The floor sockets need to be safe, the architect needs to love the way they look and the users need to be happy that all their electrical needs are met. Easily done.

Click here for the complete list of standard power, data and electrical outlets available for your floor box.


Simple Designs that Get the Job Done

3 copartment 2000 series floor box. Engineering Engineered base of floor box
Robust floor box. Discreet floor box for offices. Shallow lid recess. perfect for floor sockets and electrical outlet spaces. SBOX-2385
2000 series floor box. Carpet in lid floor box. Great for offices, floor sockets and data, recessed lid and discreet

Click here for an in depth view of our 'Simply Efficient' range of products. 

This floor box is less obsessed with how it looks; its main focus is remarkable durability.

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